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Cảm biến áp suất Huba - Pressure transmitter

-1 ... 9 bar / 0 ... 2.5 – 600 bar The compact type 520 pressure transmitter is based upon the Huba Control developed thick film technology where the pressure measuring cell is fully welded. This pressure transmitter meets the high burst protection demands and is suitable for the use in all types of refrigerants inclusive ammonia.

Differential pressure transmitter

The pressure transmitter of type series 692 with proven, unique ceramic technology, features adjusted and amplified sensor signals which are available as standardised voltage or current outputs. Various application-specific pressure and electrical connections and housing materials suitable for different media can be provided.

Electronic pressure switch Huba

The compact type 529 pressure switch is based upon the Huba Control developed unique ceramic technology used for the last 20 years in millions of applications. Switching points set in factory are available both N/C and N/O function. Various electrical and pressure connections are available to suit given applications.

Pressure level transmitter Huba

Relative pressure-type level sensing transmitter The level sensing transmitter of type 681 with piezoresistive measuring elements have compensated, adjusted and amplified sensor signals which are available as standard voltage or current outputs. In the immersion-sensor version with a salt water and oil-resistant connection cable they are specially suited for level measurement, even in the presence of corrosive liquids.

Đại lý cảm biến áp suất Huba

Đại lý cảm biến áp suất Huba
UBA CONTROL AG 511.954603745(4~20mA, 0~400bar)
HUBA CONTROL AG 506.930A03101W
HUBA 511.9326035
HUBA 694.911015040 in 11-33vdc 0...1mbar max.50 out:4...20ma
HUBA 511.9300031
HUBA 511.9300031
HUBA 625.6532, -100~1900mbar
HUBA 501.917003141W

Cảm biến Huba 510.932S03130W

Cảm biến Huba 510.932S03130W

Pressure Transmitter Type 510, -1 – 25 bar 510.932S03130W
Pressure Transmitter Type 510, 0 – 40 bar 510.933S03150
Pressure Transmitter Type 510, 0 -100 bar 510.941S03150
Pressure Transmitter Type 510, 0-40 bar 510.933S03750

Cảm biến Huba 691.93010710

Cảm biến Huba 691.93010710
huba control 691, cảm biến áp suất huba 691, cảm biến áp lực huba 691
Huba 691.51100710W 0.7-1.2BAR 4-20mA
Huba 691.90000710 -1-0 BAR 4-20mA
Huba 691.90200710 -1~+1 BAR 4-20mA
Huba 691.90400710 -1-+3bar 4-20ma
Huba 691.90500710 -1~5bar 4~20ma
Huba 691.90600710 -1-9 BAR 4-20 mA
Huba 691.91000710 0~0.6BAR 4~20MA
Huba 691.910107132 0-0.6 BAR PVDF
Huba 691.91100710 0~1BAR 4~20ma
Huba 691.91300710 0-2 BAR 4-20mA

Cảm biến Huba 511.917003131

Cảm biến Huba 511.917003131

OEM Pressure sensor 511
-1 ... 0 - 600 bar
These compact OEM pressure transmitters type 511 meet the highest specification for mechanical stress, EMC compatibility, and operational reliability, which means that this range is particulary suitable for all demanding industrial applications.  This sensor utilises a ceramic technology, developed by Huba Control and for the last 20 years, in millions of applications, used in combination with unique integrated electronic design, means that the type 511 series has a high degree of accuracy for all temperature ranges.  These units are available in small or production quantities, with an excellent price to performance ratio.

Cảm biến 692.916007001W

Cảm biến chênh áp Huba 692.916007001W
Cảm biến 692.916007001W
Cảm biến Huba 692.10320 692.101999
Cảm biến Huba 692.10320-1 101999
Cảm biến Huba 692.9000071A4 0-0.1 BAR 4-20mA
Cảm biến Huba 692.9020071A4 Dải đo 0-0.2BAR
Cảm biến Huba 692.9050071A4 Dải đo 0-0.4BAR

Cảm biến chênh áp 698 - Differential pressure transmitter 698

Cảm biến chênh áp 698 - Differential pressure transmitter 698

Differential pressure transmitter 698
-5 ... 5 mbar / 0 ... 10000 mbar
The pressure modules type 698 are suitable for monitoring pressure and flow in air conditioning systems and in the laboratory sector.
The module is optionally available with a 3 digit LED display, two limit value switches (potential-free) as well as a square root extraction.


Cảm biến 699.B14215012

Cảm biến 699.B14215012

Differential pressure transmitter 699

-1 ... 1 mbar / 0 ... 0.3 - 50 mbar
These pressure transmitters type 699 are available in switchable pressure ranges and with digital device or Modbus. The full-version includes customer specific adjustment possibilities. Especially  developed sensors for each pressure range allow a physically correct and long term stable measurement.
The large variety offers a manifold use in the air-conditioning technique as well as for fine measurement in industry or medical applications.

Đại lý cảm biến áp suất Huba

Đại lý cảm biến áp suất Huba
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Cảm biến huba control  511.943002745
Cảm biến huba control 511.930.604.241
Cảm biến huba control 511.942.203.742
Cảm biến huba control 511.900.007.141
Cảm biến huba control 511.931.002.741
Cảm biến huba control 511.942.603.142
Cảm biến huba control 511.911.003.141

Cảm biến Huba 510.930S03150

Cảm biến Huba 510.930S03150
Pressure Transmitter Type 507, -1-0 bar 507.900013151 
• Pressure Transmitter Type 507, 0 - 0.6 bar 507.910011151W 
• Pressure Transmitter Type 507, 0-10 bar 507.930113151 
• Pressure Transmitter Type 507, 0 -16 bar 507.931011151 
• Pressure Transmitter Type 511, 0-400 bar 511.954603142 
• Pressure Transmitter Type 520, 0-400 bar 520.954S03040N 
• Pressure Transmitter Type 511, 0-600 bar 511.955603132 
• Pressure Transmitter Type 520, 0-600 bar 520.955S03040N 
• Pressure Transmitter Type 528, -100…+ 300 mbar 528.911003L41NW 
• Pressure Transmitter Type 680, 0-400 mbar 680.803414101N